About Us


A Leading Saffron Grower and Agricultural Expertise Provider in Philippines and Iran

Welcome to NikiSaffron.com, your trusted partner in the world of saffron cultivation and a reliable source for agricultural products, including pesticides, fertilizers, and consulting services. With over a decade of experience in these fields and a vast 70-hectare land dedicated to saffron and pistachio cultivation in Iran, we take pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability.​


Our offerings and services include:

  1. Saffron Excellence: We are dedicated to producing premium saffron threads, following meticulous cultivation and processing methods.

  2. Global Reach: We export our saffron and pistachios worldwide, ensuring global customers can enjoy our exceptional products.

  3. Agricultural Products: We supply high-quality pesticides and fertilizers to boost crop health and yield.

  4. Agricultural Consulting: Our experienced team provides expert advice on saffron and pistachio cultivation, disease management, and crop optimization.


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